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EPro8 Challenge 2022

Chris Atkinson —

The EPro8 Challenge is an inter-school science and engineering competition. Every year over 22,000 students from schools throughout New Zealand take part. Events are run for junior (years 9-10) and senior (Year 11+) age groups. Teams of four students compete for the title of their region’s EPro8 Challenge Champion.

This year we had five junior teams and three senior teams competing in the WaiBOP competition, which was a record number for our school. Over the past year, we have purchased extra resources so our students could practise using the equipment prior to this year’s competition. Throughout Term Two, teams made the most of the equipment during their intervals and lunchtimes. They were able to work on practice challenges which improved their problem-solving and collaboration skills.

Here is a summary of our teams and how they went:

Juniors (Years 9-10)

  • FCTB (Chloe Hopkins, Jasper Chen, Sarah Wang, Frances Gregory). Heats only.
  • Awesome 4some (Matta Daniel, Asha-Rose Baker, Meah Nelis, Kate Walker). Heats only.
  • J2IK (Joy Liao, Jacqueline Li, Zoe Ter Beek, Katie Liu). 3rd Heat, 2nd = Semi final, 11th Final.
  • 3 Musketeers (Cate Young, Caroline Glander, Gabriella Schuitemaker). 3rd Heat, 4th Semi, 7th Final.
  • The Bricks (Hunter Jones, Olivia Wang, Linda Nielsen, Bonnie Feng). 4th Heat, 8th Semi final.

Seniors (Years 11-13)

  • Structurally Sound (Emily Makinson, Eva Donkin, Michelle Jeng, Sophie Liefting). Heats only.
  • HeHeHeHe (Libby Hayvice, Pippa Morgans, Kheesa Rahman, Abby Forster-Smith). 5th Heats, 10th Final
  • 2½ Asians (Hayley Forshaw, Diny Zhou, Victoria Eng, Tiffany Moss). 1st = Heats, 9th Final