Hero photograph
Photo by Sue Bailey


Sue Bailey —


What years were you at WHS and what roles did you have?


Student Council member

Sports Committee member

Peer Support Leader

Deputy Head Boy

What have you done since leaving WHS?

I attended Lincoln University and completed a Bachelor degree in Sport and Recreation Management. I then travelled to the UK and played rugby in Wales for a season for a club called Cwmtwrch (good luck with pronouncing it properly). I then played Rugby and Cricket in Northern Ireland for two years before returning to Christchurch. In Northern Ireland I worked at a bus factory building double decker buses being exported to China, I also worked as a classroom assistant and as a senior youth worker. When I came back to Christchurch I studied towards a Diploma in Primary Teaching. I still play cricket and rugby and love being amongst the club environments.

What are you doing now?

I live in Christchurch in a house that my mum, sister and I bought a few years ago, I am currently teaching in a year 5/6 class at Waimairi Primary School in Christchurch, I captain the ‘Champs’ team at OBC Cricket and play in the 2nd squad at HSOB Rugby

What are your best memories of WHS?

My favourite memories of Waimate High School are playing sports at lunchtime (Cricket, League), racing my friends in Year 7 and 8 to get the rope swings behind the tennis courts, going to touch nationals, and helping out with the special needs programme at lunchtimes playing board games and sports.