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Big A Awards - Respect, Responsibility & Real Honesty These are our cornerstone values that we live by. Students are rewarded with Big A’s from teachers or prefects when they demonstrate or display actions that embody these values. Students collect these and share them with their Learning Advisor who keeps a record of how many they have amassed. Once students reach the key milestones below, they are presented with a particular acknowledgement. Congratulations to all the following students who have reached the various milestone awards.

Year 7/8 30 Big A Awards 2022 (Certificate)

Joshua Leafberg

Harlan McHardy

Dakota Sullivan

Reyna Sy

Eli Taupo

Kailah Vickers

Year 7/8 60 Big A Awards 2022 (Certificate & Termly Prize Draw)

Sivaya Bennett-Green

Sapphire Blackie

Zaylee Davis

Connor Dee

Cassidy-Jane Flett

Sam Hay

Abbi Hutt

Pat Huwes

Joshua Leafberg

Riley Olsen-Taylor

Thomas Pali

Nadine Palita

Michae Sutton

Bella Westgarth

Year 7/8 120 Big A Awards 2022 (Certificate & Badge & Termly Prize Draw additional entry)

Hunter Briggs

Olivia Carline

Callum Carter

Kelly Carter

Charlotte Chittock

Kourtney Constable

Sally Cooney

Briar Craig

Connor Dee

Shakana Downie

Daniel Eason

Jackson Evered

Lucas Farrell

Ashley Guy

Archer Hall

Genna Hargreaves

Emily Heeren

Cameron Lane

Kaylah Lane

Ruby McGillen

Milla McKenzie

Aiden Morrison

Nathan Nguyen

Riley Olsen-Taylor

Emma Ottley

Lachlan Patterson

Demian Pincol

Taylor Prue

Callum Rempala

Isabella Sleigh

Paige Smart

Molly Smith

Cody Swatridge

Hamish Tiffen

Jack Waugh

Bella Westgarth

Santi Zimmermann

Year 9/10 20 Big A Awards 2022 (Certificate)

Eden Brunt

Korey Earl

Kayla-Grace Proudfoot

Year 9/10 40 Big A Awards 2022 (Certificate & Termly Prize Draw)

Lucy Carline

Maxine Dela Cruz

Kaden Miller-McFarlane

Bailey Williams-Clack

Year 9/10 80 Big A Awards 2022 (Certificate & Badge & Termly Prize Draw additional entry)

Jaxson Mackenzie