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Empowering Our Students: Waimate High Attends Forklift Licence Course with Mainland Driving School

At Waimate High School, our commitment to empowering students with practical skills and knowledge extends beyond the traditional classroom setting. It is our belief that fostering a diverse skill set allows our students to embrace opportunities and confidently face the challenges that lie ahead.

In partnership with Mainland Driving School, Timaru, Waimate High School senior students participated in a forklift licencing course, an industry-recognized credential that holds immense value in today's workforce.

Under the guidance of experienced instructor Paul, our students learned the fundamental principles of safe forklift operation, relevant regulations, and essential hands-on techniques.

The Objectives of the Forklift Licence Course:

1. Safety First: The course prioritized safety as the paramount concern when operating a forklift. Our students were taught to handle the equipment responsibly and with utmost caution, both for their well-being and the safety of others in their working environment.

2. Technical Proficiency: The training curriculum was thoughtfully designed to cover all aspects of forklift operation, ensuring our students developed the necessary technical expertise required to operate the machinery skillfully.

3. Industry-Recognized Credential: By successfully completing the course, our students obtained a forklift licence, a certification that is sought after by various industries, opening doors to potential job opportunities and career growth.

Opportunities such as this empower our students to explore their potential beyond the confines of the classroom. The forklift course with Mainland Driving School is just one example of how we strive to equip our students with practical skills that will benefit them in their future endeavors.

We extend our thanks to Lisa Dobson, Mayors Taskforce, for providing the generous funding for this programme, and Pam and Paul at Mainland Driving School for collaborating with us to make this course possible for our students.
Moreover, we want to acknowledge the participating students for their eagerness to learn these new skills.