Waimate High School Newsletter


    by Emma Setterfield

Junior Good Sort - Leah Finn

Leah is someone who is always showing kindness to her peers. She is always there to listen and give them a hand when things aren't going right.

Image by: Emma Setterfield

Intermediate Good Sort - Bethany Arthur & Lawrenique Stevens

Bethany and Lawrenique were great role models and helpers on Open Day.

Image by: Emma Setterfield

Senior Good Sort - Sajin Tamang

Sajin is a good role model for younger students in regards to our school values. He always wears his uniform with pride and speaks respectfully when talking to staff and peers.

Image by: Emma Setterfield

Teacher Good Sort - Marie Donaldson

Mrs Donaldson is always happy and always has a smile on her face. She is always down to have a chat and to help anyone out.