Waimate High School Newsletter


"How Parents Can Help Teenagers Who Feel Anxious or Depressed"
    by Nicole Cooney

The webinar features two highly experienced NZ mental health professionals -

  1. Karen Pearson - a mental health nurse who is also a naturopath, herbalist, and counsellor;
  2. Joanne Bruce - a psychotherapist who owns a practice specialising in mental health for teenagers and adolescents.

We'll be covering topics such as -
- How to create a home and school environment which supports good mental health
- Digital safety - use of devices, gaming, and social media
- Drug and alcohol use
- Physical health check and nutrition. Food, supplements, stress, the pill and more.
- Recommended daily activity - breathing exercises, exercise, and meditation
- Anti-depressants - benefits, side-effects, and when to use or not use
- Where to go for help - helpful services, websites etc
- Q&A

Here's the link to the event which can be found on EventFinda - https://www.eventfinda.co.nz/2022/how-parents-can-help-teenagers-feeling-anxious-or-depressed/virtual