Salisbury Road Watermain Upgrade

Nicola Cruise —

Roadworks will begin on 7th March through to July 2022 to upgrade the watermain along Salisbury Road.

From Monday next week work will commence to upgrade the water supply network along Salisbury Road.  Many residents in the area surrounding Salisbury Road will receive information in the Tasman District Council Newsline publication regarding the scope of these works. (You can find a copy of this correspondence here.)

Image by: Scott Haines

We have been informed that there will be disruption to traffic, congestion and delays during the period.  Footpaths and bicycle lanes may also be affected in some sections of work with diversions in place for pedestrians and cyclists

Bus services, including school pick-ups and drop-offs, will continue as normal, but there may be some delays. 

We are liaising the the Council's Project Office and the Contractors to understand specifically how this will impact the College with regards to pick up/drop off zones and pedestrian access.  We will be able to provide you with further information as it is available.

In the meantime, you can find further information about the project on the Tasman Council website.