Hero photograph
Photo by Anna Lawson

Dancing for Joy.

Anna Lawson —

In Room 12 and 13, we are continuing our journey of discovery, on how we can best achieve healthy and happy lifestyles.

The children discussed healthy eating, and as you saw in an earlier article we planted our own mini vege gardens. You will all be pleased to know these are continuing to thrive, as are the children in the Room 12 and 13 Hub. We also  explored various physical activities including physical fitness such as Jump Jam, ball games and good old fashioned children's games like "Whats the time Mr Wolf?" 

The last couple of weeks, we have been focused on our Spiritual Well being.  The children have being doing Yoga and enjoying it immensely.  They all decided it made them feel calm and relaxed. A great way to wind down after a busy, action packed day in the Hub.  Today we decided to shake it up a bit.  We left the Yoga for another day, and played our favourite songs which we danced to. This as you can imagine was not a calming, relaxing activity, but the children's feedback made it very worthwhile.  They decided it made them feel, happy, excited, joyful, and good inside.