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Making Parenting Easier

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Would you like to enhance you relationship with your children? Read here more more details...

Would you like to:

  • Enhance your relationship with your child

  • Improve the atmosphere in your home

  • See the positives rather than focusing on the negatives

  • Boost your child’s emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • Identify personality clashes

Then contact Sue. She specialises in family work; more specifically, assisting parents with the many challenges children bring. I have a passion for empowering parents to have happy, healthy relationships with their children. Often subtle changes in parenting can make a big difference to family life; together with parents we explore parenting strategies and develop a plan to move forward, making parenting easier. 

Contact Sue Whyte on

Email: suewhyte@socialsolutions.nz 

FB: www.facebook.com/socialsolutionsnz

Web: http://socialsolutions.nz/

Phone: 027 303 7709