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Donations in 2020

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The Board has adopted the Government donation scheme in 2020. Read this article to see what this means for you.

Earlier this year, the Government announced in the 2019 Budget that Decile 1-7 schools can opt into a new funding scheme. The Wakari School Board of Trustees has approved this for implementation in 2020. This scheme will be implemented while the Government offers this and the school community agrees to opt-in.

In 2020, the school will not ask for donations as well activity fees, swimming fees, Mathletics and Reading Eggs. 

Stationery, sports fees and camp fees are still payable. We have introduced a performance fee which covers visiting shows or performances the children attend. This is only $15 per child per year.

Those families that have an automatic payment setup, will need to re-evaluate the amount being paid. In most cases, you can halve the amount and in some cases, postpone the AP. Please email accounts@wakari.school.nz to see where your account stands and how much you can amend the AP.

To assist you with budgeting next year, stationery costs will be:

New Entrant - $19.50

Year 1/2 - $21.00

Year 3 - $24.50

Year 4 - $21.50

Year 5 - $17.50

Year 6 - $13.50