Hero photograph
Photo by Anna Lawson

Kindness is the Key

Anna Lawson —

Bouncing back and carrying on after Lockdown was the focus of the Room 4 and 5 Hub. We found that Kindness was the Key to our success.

The children in our Hub explored a variety of activities and skills that helped us to develop a calm, caring and safe environment where we could all be together again.  We loved the Yoga, which showed us how to take long calming breaths when we started to feel a little anxious or even when we started to get angry. 

We found that finding a quiet space and doing an activity that we enjoyed was a great way to stay calm.  Of all the activities we explored, like games, building, lego, puzzles we all found that drawing was our favourite.

We spent lots of time getting used to being back together thinking about each other's feelings, taking turns, listening to our friends and the most important of all being kind.  In this way we made sure our Hub was a calm and caring place to be. 

To celebrate the Kindness of the Hub we have made together this Kindness Quilt which we are going to proudly display to remind us always to be kind.