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Photo by Caroline Brown


Caroline Brown —

Congratulations to the Wakari Blue Netball team who placed third in their competition.

 'Yup over here!' I  shout. We are at netball and ready to play a game. I am playing attack and so is my friend Amelia. Emily and Tui are playing defence. Omea, Lucy and I are playing centre. Sophie M, Sophie W and Shalia were off. We were playing East Taieri. I was feeling up to it and I was ready for the game. We won 14-4 - yay!     By Maia

Hi for anyone who doesn't know me, I am Amelia McCulloch. I am in the Wakari Blue Netball team. For our last game we played East Taieri and we won 14-4. It was a great game and we came 3rd in the competition!!

Every Tuesday we have netball game. The last couple of games have been amazing. We won 14-4. I was feeling so excited - we were winning. We needed to work together to win. At the end of the game we were so excited. We got 3rd in the competition - hurray!    By Emily  

Netball Wakari Blue

+*Our team*+

Tui, Omea, Lucy.I, Maia, Emily, Sophie.w, Sophie.M, Shalia, Amelia, Isabelle

Coach: Chloe Barton

Referee: Rose Adams

Our first game was good. We all learnt what position was what if we didn’t already know and to learn how to play as a team.

Our team worked well together and had fun playing this season, all of us got player of the day and deserved it.

Rose (Tui's mum) was a great referee and we all thank her for her help and fun.

Overall we came 3rd. We were playing for 3rd or 4th and we won so that was great but 4th would have still been amazing too.

We would also like to thank all the adults who cheered us on along the way.

Thanks,  Lucy

Netball has been really fun this term and I’m really proud of my team for coming 3rd. I hope to do as well next year. Also a big thank you to Tui’s mum Rose for coaching us this term.We really appreciated it - so thanks a lot!              By Shalia