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Photo by Anna Ollerenshaw

Rippa Rugby Tournament

Anna Ollerenshaw —

On a gorgeous Dunedin autumn day, three Wakari teams headed to Logan Park to take part in an interschool Rippa Rugby Tournament.

On Tuesday the 31st of May 2022 we went on a Rippa Rugby Tournament with a group of kids at Logan Park Turf. There were three teams they were called, The Wakari Warriors, Wakari Wizards and Wakari Wildcats. I'm in the Wakari Wildcats with me, Tommy, Ava, Mason, Josh, Ollie, Ollie, Quake and Annie. We didn’t make it into the semi final but we did win three games and lost two so we played five games altogether.

By Sophie S

On Tuesday three teams went to play at the Rippa Rugby tournament. It was fun because we got to be running around and doing sports for our school. There was a lot of team work involved such as passing, knowing your position on the field, supporting other Wakari teams from the sideline and working as a team. It was good seeing lots of other schools out playing too. There was lots of good sportsmanship such as listening to the referees calls and nice comments made to the other teams at the end of the games. We caught the bus down and back. Even though we lost our semi final game we had a good day playing five games of rippa rugby.

By Leighton

On Tuesday 31st of May we went in a bus to the Logan Park Turf to do a rippa rugby tournament.

We had three teams called the Wakari Wizards, Wildcats and Warriors. The Wakari Wizards (The Middle Syndicate children) got into the finals then they came second! The Warriors got into the semi final but then sadly lost. After that we sat down and ate some lunch then we went back to school on the bus (shout out to the parent helpers!!).

By Aleija

I liked the rippa tournament because everybody got lots of rips off the other players. I liked that everyone was encouraging the other Wakari teams. Everybody in the team got to have fair game time and a good run. The girls had lots of rips for our team too and they had to play every minute of every game because you had to have three girls on the field at all times. The parent helpers were amazing at doing all of the subbing and getting us to the right field at the right time. It was a great day out.

By Tommy

At the rippa tournament I loved that everyone got a turn at having a turn on the field. I got lots of tries and learnt how to side step well (I didn't know I could do that). It was a really nice sunny day and we spent the whole day down there because so many teams made it through to the semi finals and finals. The Wakari Wizards (Year 3/4) made it through to the finals and came a close second. It was a fantastic day because everyone had a go!

By Josh

On Tuesday the 31st of May 2022 a group of kids went to a rippa tournament at Logan Park turf. We left school around about 9 and got there around 9:40am. When we arrived at the turf the Middle team hopped off the bus because they were about to play. Then the Senior teams hopped off the bus and Mrs O told us when we were playing. I liked the rippa tournament because it was a really nice day and my team was hard working and we were a strong team who worked well together, and tried super hard. We played four games and everyone gave their best in each game. I felt privileged to go to the Rippa Tournament.

By Ava

On the 31st of May lots of schools went to the rippa rugby tournament. Wakari was one of the best teams on the field in my opinion. The Middle team (Wakari Wizards ) came a close second. One of the Year Five and Six teams got into the semis the other just missed the semi final. The rippa tournament was fun and warm. It was a great day and it was fun to do something like a competition.

By Tāmati

On the 31 of May 2022 we played a really fun type of rugby. RIPPA! First we checked if everyone was there. Then we went on the bus. It was fun chatting to mates. When we got to the destination we went into our groups and headed of to our locations on our first game which we lost. 2nd game I got a try. 3rd game a Highlander came and watched our game but this game I got 2 trys with lots of other players face planting into the ground, it was funny. Then our 4th game we lost again, then we had some lollies, then back on the bus and came back to school and the middles came 2nd. Then we looked at some photos and all day I got 3 tries but the most of it was fun.

By Ollie L

At the rippa tournament I got 3 tries and a lot of rips. I was in the Warriors with Tamati, Noah,Tom, Jaiden, Fletcher, Leighton,

Aleija, Kate and my dad (Phil) was our coach. We made it to the semi finals but we lost. But something that was really tiring was that there were only 3 girls in our team and 3 girls had to be on the field all the game time, when the boys got to have a rest. Some games were straight after each other so we barely got a rest. It was really fun. I really want to do it again next year.

By Lani