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Photo by Alisha DeCourcy

Room 6 Poetry!

Alisha DeCourcy —

We wrote some great Poems with Ms Moore about 'The Quiet' - We hope you enjoy reading them.

Quiet is a nice sunny day with a lonely tree and sad leaves falling. A beautiful night with the stars shining over the moon. The pretty butterflies fluttering in the sunset. Quiet is paper floating in the sky. By Ashlyn

Quiet is going to sleep at night in your bed. Electricity going to the power pole. The colourful world going around in circles. Intelligent kids thinking. Butterflies flapping their colourful wings. The glowing red sun in the sky. Green grass growing from the ground. By William

Quiet is organs moving as they digest their food. Flowers as they bloom from their petals. Eggs turning in their nest. Coral as it sways underwater looking for food. Criminals as they steal from a bank. The sun and moon orbiting around the sky. By Brianna

Quiet is the next perfect exciting day coming at midnight. Butter slowly melting in the shimmering bright sun. People's faces turning a scarlet cherry colour in embarassment. Sweet delicious chocolate slowly hardening after being melted into smooth lush ribbons. Boats at the bottom of the dark chilling ocean, destroyed years ago. Dust shooting out of ancient mysterious old books. Light floral scents making it's way towards you. By Isabela.