Hero photograph
Photo by Chris Smith

Wakari Superstar

Chris Smith —

It was great to have Kelly Brazier our ex-pupil and current Black Fern in visiting and speaking with the Senior Syndicate last week.

Kelly's key message was although she had some talent in the sporting arena it was hard work and believing in herself, along with the support of her friends and whanau that had got her to the pinnacle of her sport now. Some of our current staff remember Kelly fondly, as the girl who loved getting stuck into every sport that was on offer and how she loved to compete against the boys. 

Congratulations to our Tournament of Minds team that travelled to Christchurch across the weekend to compete in the South Island Champs. In speaking with a couple of the children this week not only was Saturday a really neat experience for them but the last two terms preparation has been a blast.

Our Polyfest group are in the final stages of their preparation for the upcoming event at the Edgar Centre. Wakari is performing on the Tuesday 11 September at around 2:15. Thanks to all staff and parents and whanau support that has already happened for the group. 

We have a couple of children riding scooters to school. We do not allow the riding of bikes or scooters to school simply because of the traffic risks that we have in a Hills suburb. Please explain this to your child.

Again thanks for the support and do feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help with.

Regards Chris