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Photo by Dorothy Hutton

Room 1 are making lists!

Dorothy Hutton —

Kiwifruit or pancakes for breakfast? Somewhere inside or outdoors? Nice haircut indeed but what muddy footprints! Also ... a Title, Lists, Steps, and Bullet Points.

Room 1 have been creating lists and lists and lists and lists of colourful compound words they have found in their reading books. It's a nightmare writing them all down! The students have also been learning how to write instructions that someone else can follow.

Everyone is excited about compound words.  Students have been bursting through the door in the morning with endless compound words their eyeballs have discovered at home!  No daydreaming at Brooke's house, she brought in a page full of compound words she found with her family.  And now, the students have six brand new games to learn even more compound words!  So if you suddenly hear, 'That's a compound word!' you'll know why.  

After each writing a letter to a friend, the students learnt how to make an envelope for their letter to go in.  After a brainstorm, they collected and listed all the things they needed, then folded, glued and decorated the envelope.  With help from Mrs Hutton they learnt how to set out the instructions for their envelope.  After this they wrote instructions for how to play 'Shotgun Cricket.'   They had lots of good ideas, because it had been such a fun game and like clockwork, everyone improved at ordering their ideas for each of the steps.  

At the moment the children are writing the steps to follow, to make a model of a bed for a child in hospital.  Everyone has great ideas to make sure the patient will be comfortable, happy and get better quickly.  Everyday they add more steps to their instructions as they build and improve their bed.  The class found out instructions are like a recipe in a cookbook or you can find them included in a new football lego set!  It has been fun writing instructions and everyone is getting really good at following instructions, to write instructions! How many compound words did you find yourself?