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Photo by Lynda Bardwell

Hub 10 and 11's Terrific Tongue Twisters!

Lynda Bardwell —

Mrs B's writing class has had fun this term reading and writing poetry. Last week we explored alliteration which is where the same initial sound of a word is repeated within a sentence.

We read lots of tongue twisters, trying to say them faster and faster, and then had a go at writing our own. Here are a few of them. Try and say them as fast as you can!

Marvellous Micah made a melon muffin with maroon m and m's and maple syrup.  Charlie

Lucky Lucas the leopard leapt through a large loop de loop.  Lewis Anglemyer and Alex

Silly Sophie stole some stinky socks.  Sophie S.

Lucky Lucy likes to lick lots of lollipops like a lion.  Lucy

Peter Pineapple played at a perfect petrol station with pirates plundering the petrol.  Micah

Eli the electrician ate elegant elephants. Aarush

Lovely Lani loves licking lemon lollipops while looking at 11 litres of lemonade.  TJ

Petra the puppy put some putty in her pocket.  Charlotte

Stinky Sally the sea snake slipped over a sad sailor's skeleton and screamed.  Edward

Ravenous Rhino reads about roast rabbits.  Lyra