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Ana's house
Photo by Alisha DeCourcy

Lockdown 'Dream house'

Alisha DeCourcy —

The Senior Syndicate had the challenge of designing a dream lockdown house during our online learning. We had some amazing houses that were created, here are some thoughts from Room 8.

My lockdown dream house.

We had to make a dream house for a school project. I made a treehouse. it has four stories, two bedrooms on the first and second floor, a kitchen and a lounge on the third floor and a movie room on the last floor. I chose a side to side treehouse because most tree houses are up and down.In the bedroom on the first floor there is a bath a bath mat a sink and a mirror in the second bedroom there is a toilet, a sink and a mirror. On the outside of the lounge/kitchen there is a balcony/deck with a little campfire and a Mini seat. In the movie room there is three bean bags, a spa and a weight. Outside the toilet there is a log slide to get to the bottom where the mud is. - Ana Huntley

My Lockdown dream house.

It is based off a Spanish Villa. I chose this style because I like it. My house took about an hour to make and paint. It had 2 bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen and bathroom. It had A LOT of sports cars so I had to make a huge garage for them all to fit. I am really proud of my house.

By Peter Garden