Hero photograph
Photo by Caroline Brown

Senior Art Gallery Trip

Caroline Brown —

John Neumegen led some fabulous sessions recently with the Senior classes. Our focus was on 'Coping in Wartimes' and the kids produced some amazing pieces of art.

The art Gallery trip was very fun. We all walked around the art gallery looking at war related paintings. At the end we all came into an art room and started tracing our doves (a bird). The reason why we did the doves was because they mean peace.           By Liam C and Kāhu

The art gallery trip was very fun. The war related paintings were really fun to learn about and how things worked when the war was on. I loved doing our art because we made our own stencils. The stencils were doves. We sketched it and cut it out. We made madness/chaos in the background with black paint. It was fun.              By Ora

Well we learnt about how the doves were a sign of peace. In Japan lots of people make origami cranes to represent peace. We drew statues of people that went away to war, then we used watercolour paints in the background. Our visit was fun and me and my dad found it very interesting. My favourite piece of art was a huge painting of a Māori chief that was given to the art gallery by a family.      By Payton