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Photo by Bryce Horgan

Interesting Characters

Dorothy Hutton —

Room 1 loved dressing up for 'Dress Up Day.' There were 18 different characters in class for the day and they looked amazing! Keep reading to find out what made three of these characters super special.

Today I am Gecko and he saves the world!

by Lenix

Today I am Cinderella and my friends are Snow White and Rapunzel.  Far across the town is a witch and the witch wants to steal Cinderella.  She got out her poisonous apple and she hid in a bush.  Cinderella was playing with Snow White and Rapunzel.  The witch threw one of her poisonous apples at Cinderella and then she died.  Later a prince kissed her.

By Lucy

Today I am the Queen of Magic.  I am kind and beautiful.  I am kind.  I care for animals.  I have sparkles in my hair.

By Charlotte