Hero photograph
Photo by Anna Ollerenshaw

This time next week the Year Sixes will be at Camp Iona.

Anna Ollerenshaw —

Hopefully the sun will be shining and the kids will be enjoying all the fun activities on offer at Camp Iona.

I am very excited for year 6 camp because we get to go away for a whole week with all the teachers and students teachers. I’m very excited for the river gorge trip and the raft building. I can't wait to camp out in the tents and make new memories with my friends. I'm so excited and cannot wait any longer, I really hope I have fun and that it's not raining.

Thank you to all the teachers and parents who are coming to camp. It could not happen without you. 

By Ruby Chisholm

Year 6 camp is coming up and all the Year Sixes are pumped. The activities include raft building, abseiling, river gorge trip, swimming, archery, confidence course, air rifles, yachting, canoeing & search & rescue. I am mostly looking forward to the river gorge trip. I am also looking forward to spending time with my friends and creating a lot of exciting memories. Thank you to all the parents who are coming to camp, this could not happen without you.

By Maddy Phillips

In Term One the Year Sixes will be going to camp.

We will be staying for four nights and five days.

The activities are the river gorge trip, abseiling, raft building, yachting and kayaking, camp out, walking and hiking.

I'm looking forward to playing with friends and the fun activities.

By Callum