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Photo by Chris Smith

Back to our 'current normal'

Chris Smith —

It is great to have all of Wakari's pupils back on deck and learning.

The country has done incredibly well and as we return to our kiwi way of life it has been a pleasure to see nearly 100% return of our roll school. There is no doubt that some of our learners have found the challenges that Covid-19 presents difficult. Please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher if you have any concerns or have information that would be of benefit for us to be aware of.

During our Tuesday staff meeting, we began to discuss our next major Project-Based Learning topic - the Hospital Rebuild. Pip Dick led the meeting and I admired the way our staff jumped into work collaboratively and put together the base work for the pupils. We are incredibly well served at Wakari by our staff, both teaching and support, all of whom do their utmost to support our learners.

Drawings have begun for our new classroom hub. Once we have these confirmed we will then get some drilling done and lock in the location for this 3 classroom block. After a stringent procurement process, Cameron Grindlay has been engaged to be the lead designer and therefore has resigned from our Board of Trustees. I would like to thank Cam for his time on the board, he will be sorely missed.

We have decided on some changes to our assessment and reporting schedule for this term. We will be doing our mid-year report for all learners, these will come home on the 1st of July. We will not be holding our parent interviews this term instead we are postponing these until week 4 of term 3. Information and booking sheets will be sent home next term. If you have anything to discuss with your child's teacher as always they are able to meet with you at any time.

One of the goals of Wakari School is to instill independence in the children. The children have had an opportunity to display this independence during the past two weeks as they come into school by themselves and prepare for class. Thank you all for supporting the advice to stay at the gates to let your children off.

If I can be of assistance please make contact.

Regards Chris