Hero photograph
Photo by Anna Ollerenshaw

Cardboard Letters

Anna Ollerenshaw —

The Senior Syndicate have been busily finishing their cardboard letters.

Last term we began to construct a 3D cardboard letter for the first letter of our name. We used cardboard and masking tape. It was tricky because some of the letters were round, hard to cut out and stuck together. The tape wouldn't stick properly and it took ages to cover the whole letter carefully in masking tape. It was worth persevering because we got them done in the end and they look amazing.

Our next step was planning how to decorate and personalise them. Once they had been checked off it was into the paint and adding extra pizzazz to make them individual and different.

Some children chose to use Tinkercad and added some 3D designs, some printed out images, others made flowers and other decorations to make them unique. 

We are really pleased with the end result.

By Tayla, Elijah, Ally and Asher