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Photo by Bryce Horgan

Stream Team

Emily Cone —

Where did the Stream Team go? Read more to find out.

On the 23rd of May Stream Team were lucky enough to go on another adventure with Dr McMillan, this time to the Kaikorai Common where we would be learning about how we, as human beings actually treat the environment. Dr McMillan said that even though there would be pros there would also be cons. I knew we couldn't just focus on the good stuff all the time because then the problems would only get worse. Then we went over some ground rules.

First we took a look at School Creek that ran through the path. We at once saw lots of things like algae that came in little and big slithers across the stream. We quickly noticed that a lot of leaves were building up, because of the huge gutter that stopped people from being trapped under the bridge if it flooded.

We kept walking until Dr McMillan stopped us to run a test on the stream. We got out Dr McMillan’s water testing kit and Ava looked at the results while Tamati held it in the water. We soon knew that the stream that ran through KVC was quite a bit healthier than this water because the temperature was higher and the oxygen level was lower so the creatures living in the water could barely breathe. Dr McMillan said bugs were smart and they would have moved so they could breathe.

Then he said something that bothers him was that there were bubbles in the water we knew that meant there was soap. What we didn't know was how it got there. Dr McMillan explained that it could come into the stream by run off, but the most likely answer would be that it came in through a pipe because sometimes the pipes leak but only drops at a time not big gushes.

We continued on our journey and came to some wonderful artwork clay creations of things you could find in a stream beautifully painted. There were eels, spiders, geckos and lizards then we went behind the artwork to find a field full of plants. That would soak up the run off to stop things in the water from getting to the stream. Dr McMillan said sometimes ducks come and swim around. Soon The Stream Team left the artwork behind to go see other fascinating sights.