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Photo by Caroline Brown

Year 5 Camp

Caroline Brown —

Last week we had a wonderful Year 5 camp at Waiora. Many thanks to the parents who gave up their time to come and help out with all of the activities.

At Year 5 camp I got to learn and do new activities like abseiling and archery. We also played lots of fun indoor games when it was wet. The parents were really funny and helpful in all of the games. The main thing that made camp fun was the entertainment they had because there was always something to do.        By Lachlan.

Camp is so much fun. I was bunkroom 1.  My favourite part was either the desserts or the water slide.   I went down twice.   The teachers said that they upgraded the slide.  It was so soapy. The food was delicious.  For breakfast their was cereal,toast and spaghetti.  For lunch we made diy sandwiches and for dinner we had sausages and potatoes and peas and corn and a whole lot of other things.  We also went ‍swimming In the lake, it was cold.  Hmm...night time oh yeah, other then falling off the bed night time was great.      From April.

Year 5 Camp was so much fun, there were so many activities and fun things to do.  My favourite thing was the water slide because you can pick up so much speed and go so fast. I also loved doing orienteering and abseiling. On the orientation walk we walked up this really steep hill and there was a lookout tower at the top - the view was amazing. The meals were delicious and there was so much entertainment. I had such a good time at camp.      By Matilda.

At camp, I really enjoyed abseiling, the feeling was all good things. The abseiling instructor was nice. We got two practice goes before we went down the final one. The food was really nice, especially the first night where we had sausages and potatoes. The dessert was great, the first night we had trifle with really great sponge. About half an hour later we went out for glow worms which were really cool, when you get to the area you have to turn your torches off. When we got back, we went to bed which is fun because you get really tired so sleeping is refreshing. That was the  first day of year five camp.  By Will.

Splash! I went down the waterslide as fast as a cheetah. I went so fast I almost went off at the end. I hope you can take it because it is pretty scary. Ok, well it is green, old and sturdy. The door was left open and it says free wifi. There is a ghost that comes at night so be careful... By Ollie M.

On Wednesday the Year 5s went to Camp Waiora to stay for two nights. But unfortunately on Thursday it was pouring with rain, so we ended-up doing some indoor balloon games. We had heaps of fun. My number one favourite memory of year five camp was abseiling. Because you were up REALLY high. It was such an amazing view. But the really amazing thing was that my friends above me were cheering for me and it made me comfortable.  My second favourite memory of camp was Jump Jam with the student teachers because it was really fun. The really good thing about Jump-Jam was that everybody had a go - EVEN THE TEACHERS!   My third favourite memory of year 5 camp was mealtimes because I got to meet-up with most of my friends like Charlie,Milly R, Janet, Milly H and chat to my friends about our day.  My fourth favourite memory was of Year 5 Camp was archery because I got to use a REAL bow and arrow. It was scary at first but I got better on the second try.         By Lucy .F