Hero photograph
Photo by Anna Ollerenshaw

Robot Cheerleaders

Anna Ollerenshaw —

This term we had four competitors at the local Robocup competition.

At the start of the term we were asked if we wanted to do Robocup.  Brooklyn, Amelia, Adelie, Lilly, Will, Liam, Boston, Ben, Lachlan, Matilda, Lily and Lexie said "Yes". 

We worked at lunch times on the robots and we had to build them ourselves. The programming is complicated and we had lots of problems. 

Robocup is a competition where we get to share a performance with our robot and us. We programmed the robots to do a dance to the song "cheerleader", and danced along to the song too.  We made costumes for the robots and for us we made some super cool pom-poms.  In our group there were four people who made it to the Robocup competition. 

On the day it was very nerve-racking because we had never done it before but it was a happy experience because we got out onto the stage and got to share our item.  Next year we will build a bigger robot and programme it with more complicated tasks for it to do. 

By Adélie, Amelia, Lily and Brooklyn J.