Hero photograph
Photo by Alisha DeCourcy

Cross Country 2021

Alisha DeCourcy —

We were so proud of everyone's efforts in the Cross Country. Here are some of R6 and R7s favourite sentences from our 'moment in time' cross country writing.

I was nervous walking up to the start. Honk!! The air horn went! - Liam F

I felt the air in my throat and my chest plates rubbing against each other. I tasted the relief of finishing and I started cheering other people on. - Tamati 

Clap! I heard people yell at the top of their lungs as the adrenalin coursed through my veins. - Josh G

I could see the finish line from the top of the hill. I started to sprint towards it. In my head I was thinking it's the last stretch! - Neihana

I could feel the wet grass prick my back as I dropped to the floor like a giraffe being put down. - Isabela

I could feel a cluster of butterflies swarming my belly, the suspense was killing me! - David

I sprinted every step and took another and another gust of air. - Josh C

My heart pounded like a loud beating drum. My bones were wanting to move out of my body after staring at the long course. - Paige