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Photo by Caroline Brown

Lunchtime crafts with Ginni

Caroline Brown —

Each lunchtime in the Senior Maker Space Ginni provides some fun activities that children can choose to go to. Here's what they have been up to this term.

In art with Ginni you can come all week and do art or lego. There is also paper curling.  Lara, Ally, Maddy and Marnie are doing friendship booklets.  We have been going to Ginni for 2 years. It has been amazing. We made a pocket for the booklet and bookmarks. We have marked pencil toppers and caterpillar pegs.          By Marnie and Lara

At art with Ginni we make alot of art like friendship books and pegs. My favourite thing we have made are the books because you can do whatever you want. My friendship has bookmarks in it. There are six. On the back there is a BIG F for friends. It was made out of washi tape. On the side where you open the book there is more washi tape. The design is silver and blue. On the front cover I have this chill drink. I have this arrow that says 'Love this'. In the Inside I put all my best friends. I have a favourite page. It has a white background, gold triangles and gold sparkly tape. I have this circle that has a lot of my friends' names in it. Some of my friends names are “Olive, Marnie, Lara, Ava, Ruby, Lexi, Mikeala.                     By Maddy Machin    

In the maker space I had a sock but I wondered what to do with it. All of a sudden Ginni's club came in. Ginni came and told her club to sit at the jelly bean table and they decorated notebooks. But I chose to make a sock puppet with googly eyes, a heart nose and a tinfoil mouth and gave it to Mrs Brown as a present. She loved it.     By Sinalei

The LunchTime Club                                                                      

Ginni runs an amazing club during lunch time. She does absolutely amazing art. She takes her time to help us do some absolute MASTERPIECES!  She spends her own money to buy all of these fantastic art supplies. For the past 2 weeks we have been making little FRIENDSHIP BOOKS!!  We had lots of little templates to trace over with. The templates made envelopes with little pockets. These are the people that have enjoyed Ginni's wonders: Lexi, Maddy, Mikeala, Lara, Marnie and Ally                            By Lexi Russell

At Ginni’s we have been making friendship books or sibling books. I am making something for me and my step-mum. She brought us lots of cool stuff that we can use. Mine has got brown paper around it and it has a watermelon on the front. When you open the book in the bottom left corner there is a little pocket. In the top right corner I put a mini envelope - it is super cute. Marnie, Lara, Maddy and me have been going for about 2 and a half years. It has been really fun. There is also Lego and drawing. We do it in the Senior Makerspace.      

 By Alaska