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Ordering Lunches

The new contactless lunch ordering system has been a success! Orders can be placed on our website with various payment options. Cash payments will need to be in a named envelope (one per child) with the correct change supplied as we are not holding any cash in the office.  

Orders must be placed by 9am of the day lunch is provided. You can order these lunches anytime during the week.

Wednesday - Pie order ($1.50)

Order: Online

Payment: cash only in envelope, to be placed in box by office.

Thursday - Chicken Fried ($5.50) or Vege Fried Rice ($4.50)

Order: Online

Payment: cash only in envelope, to be placed in box by office.

Subway continues as normal.

Friday- Sausages ($2) (Fundraiser for School Camps)

Order: Online

Payment: cash (to be placed in box by office), Bank deposit or EFTPOS.

Sausages can be bulk ordered with the payment paid online.  Please support this Fundraiser as it assists with the school keeping the cost of the camps affordable for families.