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Photo by David Waddell

Food For Thought Makes Us Think About Food!

David Waddell —

Last week the Senior Syndicate was lucky enough to have Karli, a nutritionist from the Foodstuffs "Food For Thought" programme, teach us for three sessions!

Last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Karli ran the Food For Thought programme for our Senior Syndicate students. Each class had three sessions to learn a wide range of information about how to make positive food choices and an exciting surprise gift was presented at the end! 

Session 1 involved learning about the wide range of food groups and nutrients. We learnt about everyday foods and sometimes foods. We found out that foods can be put in different groups. These are vegetables and fruits, grains, proteins and milk products. Check out the food groups picture below!

Session 2 involved label reading. We learnt how to go shopping and make everyday food choices by looking at the labels on packaging. We learnt to always read the per 100g/100ml column and check how much fat, sugar, fibre and sodium is in a food. We were amazed at just how many food items are not everyday foods, especially muesli bars! Check out the reading labels picture below. 

Session 3, the last session! We got to do some online supermarket shopping! We had to check out a special folder on Google Drive that had foods from every group. Then we had to find an everyday food item and a sometimes food item for each category. The hardest one to find an everyday option for was again for the muesli bars!

Finally at the end of the last session Karli presented us with something very special... a $60 New World voucher to plan and buy some kai to share as a class! Each of the classes is looking forward to organising a morning tea experience using the new skills we have learnt. 

Check out the pictures below of the children learning and more information about how to make positive food choices. 

Thanks so much Karli!