Hero photograph
Photo by Anna Ollerenshaw

Room 9 visit the Dunedin Art Gallery

Anna Ollerenshaw —

John took us on an interesting tour of the Art Gallery showing us lots of diverse pieces of art. We then got busy creating in the onsite classroom.

On Wednesday we went to the Dunedin Public Art Gallery and looked at heaps of art work. Our focus was during war time. We found out that the art gallery was created because one family wanted to remember their son who died in World War One.

Once we got to the workshop we chose a spot to sit and John showed us how to draw an animal that was part of the war effort.

John showed us how to draw a war animal or something else. We made it with half used sharpies because John saved them to do that with us.

We also got to add some eyes and flowers and some coloured paper.

By Emma B

On Wednesday we went to the Art Gallery in my Nana's car. We did some art and John talked about war. He sang us a poem on his guitar. It made me sad to think about the soldiers who died in the war.

By Ollie H

I was in Sue's car going to the Art Gallery. We went to see some paintings and John talked about them. Then we went to do scary animal paintings with half used sharpies. We finished them at school the next day. 

By Sam H

On Wednesday my class and I went to the Art Gallery. It was so much fun. First we met John. He showed us paintings of the wars. Then he explained how the paintings represent World War 1 and World War 2. 

Then we went up stairs into the art room. John showed us how to draw with half dead pens. We each picked an animal to draw. I chose a cat. After everyone was finished drawing we all said "Thank you" to John. I felt sad for all the families who could never see their sons again.

By Grace