Hero photograph
Photo by Heather Bonney

A Special Visitor Popped in to Room 4 & 5 Hub!

Heather Bonney —

Earlier this week Lady Glorious jumped right out of the pages of a story book and into Room 5! She got the Room 4 & 5 learners thinking....is she a good character or a baddy....?!

To solve the mystery of whether Lady Glorious was a good character or a baddy the Room 4 & 5 students got her talking and listened carefully to what she said. It turns out that Lady Glorious is good friends with Snow White's step mother! Lady Glorious told us that she was so happy that Snow White had been sent out to the woods because she was such a ghastly child! But we know that Snow White is actually a good person....this made us think.  We also learned that Lady Glorious likes to do spells on children! The Room 4 & 5 detectives decided that even though Lady Glorious has gorgeous, luscious hair and was dressed in a beautiful gown, the things she said and the things she did meant that she was a .... baddy!

This term the Room 4 & 5 Hub writers will be working on creating their own narrative stories, with their own characters.  Will they create baddies or goodies...? We can't wait to find out!