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Video by Caroline Brown

Mandarin in the Senior Syndicate

Caroline Brown —

Some of our Senior learners have chosen to learn about Mandarin culture and language with Jenny. This week we even got to do some kung fu! Thanks for making our learning so fun Jenny.

At Mandarin today we learnt some kung fu. Kung fu are Chinese moves used for exercise and sometimes fighting. It was really fun but tiring at the end. We got to watch a video of people doing kung fu flips, splits and acrobatics. We've also learnt how to count up to ten in Mandarin, greetings and thank you. We saw some pictures of Chinese food and we have  learnt that Chinese people love rice and dumplings.

By Lucy F, Charlie and Rawan

Last time at mandarin  we worked with some Chinese magic  paper. With the magic paper we did some numbers. It was lots of fun.

By Phoebe and Lilly