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Photo by Caroline Brown

Jumping Jump Jammers

Caroline Brown —

Recently a group of children from the Middle and Senior Syndicates competed in a Jump Jam competition. Thanks to Miss Barton and Miss Ford for all of the practices and time that they have put in preparing the teams.

On Monday the 2nd of July the Senior Jump Jam team did the butterfly dance. We won two cool amazing certificates -  one for sportsmanship and one for execution.  We started at 6:10pm.  Tahuna Intermediate won 1st place and a cool trophy plus lots of certificates.  St Clair got 2nd and St Mary's were 3rd. We had so much fun!        by Alicia

We did a Jump Jam competition and we got two certificates.  We came 6th. After that we all got to watch all the other kids.  It was definitely a competition and it was a tough event but we really put all of our effort into it.  The kids that came first were from Tahuna Intermediate and they earned it!    by Maia

There were 15 groups of Jump Jam teams.  We all got a free t-shirt in the green room for us to change into.  We all got one practice then went over to another room to do our lines to get on stage.  You go on stage and have a good time.  My favourite part was getting our rewards at the end.  Callum and I got picked by our coach to go on stage and receive the rewards!   The coaches went on stage and did a little Jump Jam with the Jump Jam children.  The song was : Witch Doctor.   Maia and I brought some snacks. We had an awesome time!   by Hayley

Last night the Jump Jam team went to Tahuna Intermediate for a competition. 15 teams performed.  For the Year 4-8 teams some of the dances were Bills, Can’t stop the feeling, Shake it off, Freaks, Cake by the Ocean, Reach for the stars (the junior team did that one), Witch Doctor, Proud Mary, Can’t stop the beat and Magic. Our dance was “Butterfly”.  We came sixth place, and we also got 2 awards - one was for sportsmanship, and the other one was for enthusiasm.  At the end all the coaches did “Witch Doctor” and we joined in. 200 kids performed. The show went from 6:00pm-8:40pm.  Tahuna got the trophy. The people in our team were Hayley, Callum, Aleisha, Shalia, Maia, Lucy I, Maddy, Mae, Marlie and me.  We had LOTS of fun.           by Lucy F

The Jump Jam competition was on the 2nd of July 2018. The competition was held at Tahuna Normal Intermediate School.  It’s a competition for school kids who love to dance to jump jam.  My favourite part was the prize giving and the dancing of course.  I was excited & nervous about performing.  by Callum

On Monday it was the Jump Jam competition.  I was in the Senior group.  We were rock stars.  My favourite part was when we danced on stage.  Our name was Butterfly.  I would do it again.  Jump jam was really entertaining watching the groups dancing.  We got blue t-shirts.  They say 'Jump Jam Out'.  The teachers did a dance on stage - it was funny.  I can’t stop thinking about next year!                by Marlie C

The Jump Jam competition was at Tahuna Intermediate.  There were fifteen schools there and children from year four to year eight.  Each school was different in a good way.  The competition went from 6:00pm-9:00pm.  We did the song Butterfly and other schools did songs like Freaks, Can’t Stop the Beat, Magic, Cake by the Ocean, Shake it off,  Bills, Proud Mary, The Witch Doctor, Can't stop the feeling and many many more.  The kids in our team were Lucy F, Hayley, Maia, May, Callum, Shalia, Aleisha, Maddy, Marlie and myself.  We won two awards - one for sportsmanship and the other for our enthusiasm.  Tahuna won the competition and had the highest score out of all the schools from New Zealand!! This was all good but the main thing is that we had fun!           by Lucy I