Hero photograph
Photo by Anna Lawson

Snap shot of our year in the Rooms 4 and 5 Hub.

Anna Lawson —

The children in the Rooms 4 and 5 Hub are having a exciting and busy couple of weeks to end what has been an interesting year.

To end the year the children have been swimming every day this week.  All of the children have made the most amazing progress, with them all floating and kicking and propelling themselves through the water. It has been amazing to watch how well they are doing, and the best thing is they have all had the biggest smiles and have obviously been enjoying themselves.  

The minibeast unit this year has also been a real favourite, with the children astounding us every day with the amazing facts they have shared about insects, spiders and even frogs.  Did you know that frogs breathe through their skin. 

The rest of the year has been a year of ups and downs, and there were times we were not together, but it was so great to have our daily Zoom meetings and talk to the children and hear about their adventures at home.  It made it extra special when we came back together again and the year was again full of fun activities that we were able to do together.  

We had visits from an Author, the Fireman, and even some four legged friends.  

Paige from Sports Activator was always a highlight of the week, and helped us prepare for the all important fun run. So thank you to the children of Room 4 and 5, from Mrs Bonney and Mrs Lawson for our fun run.