Hero photograph
Photo by Anna Lawson

Fun Friday Art

Anna Lawson —

In the Rooms 4 and 5 Hub this term we have had lots of fun on Friday mornings with a variety of art projects.

To celebrate Matariki the children created the most fabulous Matariki paintings.  These included a lot of different elements of art.  They used pastels to colour and design their koru moons. Then the children had to dye their backgrounds and add mountains which they cut and shaped with black paper, adding their own koru designs.  We had lots of different shapes and designs the children really exploring their own ideas. The fun part for us all was adding our glitter representing the 9 stars of Matariki. We also made the most amazing masks as you can see by our cool cover photo.  First we explored a variety of animal masks, thinking about the colours and designs we could use, and what was the best medium to use. Then we made masquerade masks and went crazy using colour, feathers and using coloured cardboard to add interesting shapes. Friday art has been a highlight of the week and it has been great to see the children having fun and exploring their own creativity.