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While the Year 5 were at camp...

Anna Ollerenshaw —

While the year 5's were at camp, the year 6's learnt about Egypt and Ancient Egypt. We made some Egyptian art.

We drew ancient Egyptians and coloured them with pastels.we also did rotations where we did paper headdresses, a STEM pyramid challenge with bluetac and toothpicks. We also did Egyptian maths, we drew numbers in hieroglyphics, and made and ate falafel, a food they ate in Egypt. We also learnt facts. One fact that I learnt was that Tutankhamun a pharaoh, died at 18.

By Jasmine Bekhit  

On Tuesday the year fives went to camp. In the morning we did Egyptian art. On Friday we did seven different rotations. Our group started on falafel. It was a food the Egyptians ate. We cooked it for a while until we got to eat it. It was delicious.  After that we went to the high table where we coloured in a piece of paper and made it into the crown the pharaoh would wear. After that we went to the pyramid challenge where we would have to get the tallest pyramid. We would use sticks and blue tack. We got a height of 29cm which was in the lead for a while. Next we went to frame our Egyptian art which didn't take very long.

By Oliver

While the year fives were at camp the year sixes stayed in the hub and learned about Ancient Egypt. We all started by doing a KWL chart, the K stands for what we know, the W stands for what we want to know and we didn't do the L because it stands for what we have learnt. Next we started some Egyptian art, and tried some Egyptian perfumes. For the art we did Egyptian people we started by doing a draft copy in our art book then started on black paper and chalk then we coloured in our people with pastel and outlined them with lumograph pencils, framed them and now they are in the hall. On Friday we did lots of Egyptian things like making falafel, making mini pyramids, colouring in sarcophaguses and paper headbands, Egyptian maths and more we had so much fun!

By Susan

Last week the year 6's were learning about Egypt. We did different types of activities like counting to ten and lots of other stuff. We had to research about Egyptian facts to put in the booklet we had. We made falafel an Egyptian type of food. We also made a portrait of Egyptian people. The main colour people used was gold. We also made a headband for what the Egyptians used. It was lot of fun learning about Egypt because I didn’t know much about it before. It was exciting learning about a different country.

The End

By Jake Hill

 Ancient Egypt

Week 2 , term 4 the year 5's went to camp and the year 6's stayed behind and learnt about Ancient Egypt.

We learnt about Ancient Egyptian maths first. The maths was very fun and I loved it. We learnt how to read and write the numbers of the Ancient Egyptian times.

Then we learnt how to draw like the Ancient Egyptians did. We made pictures of Egyptian people or the Pharaohs of the Ancient Egyptians. First we practiced in our art books then we got a black piece of paper and a piece of chalk and copied the design from our art books onto the piece of paper and coloured it in with pastels. We cut it out then stuck it on a bright piece of paper.

When that was done we learnt how to write like a Ancient Egyptian. There writing is actually called Hieroglyphics. We learnt how to write our names first. Then moved onto writing a sentence and see if someone could read or most likely solve it.

On the last day we did about 7 rotations and on each station was a different activity to do. The activities were very fun and exiting. We also made some Ancient Egyptian food but I forgot what it was called but it was so delicious.

I loved learning about Ancient Egypt and hope to learn more about it in the mere future. I also hope others can learn about this amazing Ancient civilization soon as well.