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Bryce Horgan —

Attention all cooks, photographers, graphic designers and cookbook guru's and anyone else keen to help form a committee to support an awesome fundraising opportunity.

Would you like the opportunity to be part of a fund raising enterprise, developing and producing a high end cook book.  This is being looked into at the moment by a group of  Wakari school parents. 

This has been a very successful venture for other schools and examples of what they have produced can be viewed in the school office. 

If you have skills and/or an interest in cooking, photography, graphic design, editing or small business development or being part of an amazing fundraising venture and would be interested in seeing what potential this idea holds for Wakari School please email roseandbri@slingshot.co.nz and Rose will get back to you as soon as possible. 

This is an opportunity to be part of a project that can both contribute to the spirit of our school and produce a significant funding stream so be in touch if it sounds like you.