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Photo by Alisha DeCourcy

Orange Day 2020

Alisha DeCourcy —

Last Friday the Year 6's took part in Orange Day on a rainy day! This is a way for the community to say thank you to the Dunedin Road Patrollers - We had so much fun!

Orange day

Orange day was for the kids who contributed to road patrol during 2020. Orange day is a thank you from the community. We have a parade down on George Street then we take a bus to Moana pool. We have access to the main pool diving boards and much more. We also have a sizzle outside the pool. The fun part is trying to reach the record of the most sausages eaten! By Jacob

Orange day

First all the Year 6s that did road patrol hopped on the buses and went down to the dental school. We all got into lines, we started off the parade by walking down the main street all the way to the octagon. The mayor gave a speech, he said all the schools names and we had to yell as loud as we could. (Wakari definitely won the loudest school!) After that our bus came to pick us up, we hopped on again and went up to the pool. We were one of the first schools there. The first thing I did was go on the obstacle course. After that I went on the hydro slide with my friends but the line was too big at the start. Next we went onto the doughnuts, we played in there most of the time. It was fun fighting to get on the doughnuts! The pool was freezing cold. Later we decided to get sausages, the vegan sausages were really good! We decided to go to the main pool. It was a lot warmer than the pool with the doughnuts. At the end we all got dressed and then met the adults's back up at the stands. After everybody was dressed and ready to go we went down and out of the pool and we walked up the street to get to the bus. We had to wait like five minutes to hop on the bus because it hadn't arrived yet. We got back on the bus and went got back to school. Orange day was really fun! By Annabelle