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Photo by Anna Hartley

Room 11's Writing

Anna Hartley —

Room 11 have been working on narratives. Here are some examples of their most recent creations. These narratives are based on a clip from a computer game, about a mysterious man in a desert.

The Great Escape.

In the dusty, old, wild, enormous, dark, deep desert there appeared a man who looked like he couldn’t see. The man looked like he was in pain. The man wrapped his arms and covered the front of his eyes.  The sandstorm forced him back.  His shoes slipped, but the man kept on going.

His clothes were ripped, his shoes were filled with sand.  It looked like he was homeless and his gloves were grey.  It also looked like his skin was disappearing. Then when he came closer he suddenly fell into a deep, dark hole.

The man tumbled, he smashed and scraped his clothes on the wall.  He fell down, rushing like a ball.  His head was banging side to side.  Then he fell on the ground.  The man had dust all over him and rocks fell down from above.  The place was full with darkness.

Then the man suddenly heard a deep, loud voice that came from a tunnel.  When he stood forward the man saw a black wizard.  The man was shocked, so the man ran to steal the wizard’s power but… the black wizard vanished.

As the man fell to the ground he had an idea.  He used his jacket and some clothes and he tied them together and he used them for a rope.  He lassoed the tree from above the tunnel and he climbed his way up the tunnel.  He held on tightly.  The man was tired while he was on the rope but he reached the top and he had escaped the dark, deep hole.  He was free!

By Gabby Fuentes (Year 3)


The Man in the Desert.

In the middle of the desert a man fell down a hole rolling and trembling like an acrobat doing 5 somersaults at once.

Whoosh, crackle “ow”!  A huge rock landed on his head.  He landed like a fierce wolf ready to attack his prey.

He turned and found himself in a creepy dark mining zone, feeling terrified of where he was.

Suddenly, he heard a twinkle and it turned into a mermaid cavern with sparkling mermaids and silver water and glittering mermaid scales.

A beautiful, sparkly and exquisite mermaid came up to him and with her magic turned him into a merman!

He jumped into the lagoon and swam into the sparkling ocean with joy and glee. He could hear the sound of birds feeding their young and waves clashing together like a sea war.  He felt like a king in the sea. He saw a beautiful island and wonderful shells. He could smell seaweed and silver water.

He wished he could stay like this forever so the beautiful mermaid, whose name is Alicia, turned him into a merman for eternity.

By Alicia Curzon (Year 4)


The Man in the Desert.

A long time ago there was a wild sandstorm.  Suddenly, there was a man appearing out of the distance.  I could see animal teeth on his fingers, around his neck like a necklace and on his bracelets.

I was about to warn him about the mineshaft but it was too late. WHOOOOOSHH!  He tumbled down the hole.  I could hear all the rocks crumbling below him.  He was clinging onto the sides around him.

When he got to the bottom he did a backflip and landed in a pouncing position. He said to himself - how am I going to get out?  He started to find some sticks to form a ladder.  Later that day he ran out of sticks so he made a shovel to dig a tunnel.  He was as determined as a tiger to find food, water and sticks.

Eventually he found some miners with a lifetime supply of all the food in the world.  The miners asked the man to join them and they led him to their mansion where they lived.  The man found his way out and thanked the miners for everything.

He visited the miners once a month to see them and thank them for what they‘d done.

By Tyler Smith (Year 4)