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Photo by Caroline Brown

Girls' Futsal Tournament

Caroline Brown —

We recently sent two teams of girls to play in a futsal tournament at the Edgar Centre. Many thanks to the parents who helped with transport and supervision. All girls had lots of fun - here's what they thought.....

Today at 10:00am we had girls soccer tournament.  First we did drills and practices before the games.  Tessa was the one running this whole tournament for all the girls.  We played 4 games each and had 4 warm up drills.  We had prizes for the most valuable player for each team.

We all got a poster each and signatures from all the coaches and Tessa.  I really enjoyed being the goal keeper because I blocked a lot of goals from the other team.  Thank you to all the parents for the transport.            By Hayley Ward

On the 31st of October, Wednesday 2018 some of the Year 5 and 6 girls went to a futsal tournament at the Edgar Centre. When we got there we did 4 activities to warm up before the games. For the first one we played a colour and number sort of game.  The coach Sam numbered us from 1 to 7 and then we played the game.   For the first futsal game we played we were against Bathgate Primary we won 1-0.

For the second game we played against Dunedin Steiner but unfortunately we lost 1-0. For the third game we were against Pinehill and we tied 1-1. For the fourth and final game we won 3-2. I had a really fun day.                     By Milly R.

On Wednesday 31st of October 2018 some girls went to the Edgar Centre for a girls futsal tournament festival. When we first arrived we did 4 rotations of warm up activities. It was quite tiring especially when you hadn’t played any games because it made it feel more tiring. After the four rotations we started our first game! All of the Wakari girls were split into two groups- Wakari 1 and Wakari 2. I’m going to tell you about Wakari 1.   For our first game we played Bathgate Primary and we won 1-0. For our second game we played Dunedin Steiner and unfortunately we lost 1-0. For our third game we played Pine hill and we tied 1-1. For our fourth/ last game we had to play an intermediate team which was tough. We were playing Bathgate Intermediate and we won 3-2.   At the very end there was a prize giving. When Wakari 1 got called up they gave us each a poster and they announced the most valuable player and that was me- Roree Latimer.

On Wednesday some senior girls went to a girls futsal tournament. When we got to the Edger Centre we practised some games and drills before lunch. After lunch we played some real games of futsal against other schools. We won three games and tied for the another one. My favourite game was against the Bathgate Intermediate team (which was year 7 and 8s.) because we won the game we had with them.

Tui:First we did lots of warm ups and skills then we had a very long lunch break. Then we played more real games but they were only 5 minutes long. Then we got posters and we got to get signatures from the coaches of the games.

Phoebe:we had a lot of practise and a very long lunch. Then we had our first game. It was hard. I was so tired. We lost all of our games .

Omea: When we finally got to the games I thought both of the teams did really well.