Hero photograph
Bandquest 2018
Photo by Promotions


Daisy —

The inside story by our WMS Reporter Daisy.

Every year different schools have their own band to compete at bandquest. Obviously we went, we just had too! When the day finally came I was so nervous, more  nervous than I’ve ever been. Just waiting for it to start made me nervous. When it was finally our turn, I had sweaty palms, sore eyes and just….. I was just so NERVOUS! As my group performed, I was so proud of us we all did so good! All the singers were happy and moving around a lot, the drummer was amazing, all guitarists were incredible and the bass was just breathtaking.  Unfortunately we didn’t get a placing, but the good thing was we all had fun! Although we did get “Killer Guitarist!" Congratulations to Isla M she played that electric guitar so well,  and congratulations to Chicken Playground our band!