Road Safety by Constable Blair Croucher

Sylvia Fidow —

I would like to take this time to congratulate and pass on my appreciation on behalf of the Rolleston Police to West Rolleston School, including teachers, pupils, parents and the Rolleston Community for the dramatic increase in road safety compliance around West Rolleston School.

The safety of students travelling to and from school is paramount and is one of the most important issues for school communities. Road environments around schools are complex and children are not always equipped to deal with the challenges.

Improving road safety can seem challenging. However New Zealand Police are committed to working with schools to improve safety, but school road safety is everyone’s responsibility and so we also need continued commitment from parents, teachers and the community to ensure the safety of our children who are our future leaders.

Hi visibility safety vests are a fantastic way for the children to be seen travelling to and from school. We would like to see all children wearing the vests whether they are walking, biking or scootering.

The children operating the Kea Crossing are doing an outstanding job in keeping their fellow school friends safe. There is still a small number of parents not utilising the crossing and crossing either side of the Kea Crossing. Although this is not compulsory, we ask all parents to use the Keas Crossing and set a good example for their children and other students at the school to improve overall safety.

Congratulations once again and keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

Constable Blair Croucher.