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Policy and Procedure review

Westland High School —

SchoolDocs host our policy and procedure website. If you want to look at any policy/procedure or wish to participate in the policy review cycle then this is what you're looking for.

SchoolDocs is the website that maintains our school policies and procedures and ensure that it is all stored in an easy to access site for all of our school community. 

This terms review is the complaints policy/procedure.

We invite you to visit the site at http://westlandhigh.schooldocs.co.nz/ (note that there's no "www"!).

Our username is: westlandhigh and password: 7810 .

  1. Visit the website http://westlandhigh.schooldocs.co.nz/1893.htm

  2. Enter the username (westlandhigh) and password (7810).

  3. Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed.

  4. Read the policy.

  5. Click the Policy Review button at the top right-hand corner of the page.

  6. Select the reviewer type "Parent".

  7. Enter your name (optional).

  8. Submit your ratings and comments.

If you don't have internet access, school office staff can provide you with printed copies of the policy you require and a review form.