by Jane Brownie

Outdoor Education

The WHS Outdoor Education programme is delivered by our very experienced Outdoor Education teachers Mr Mike Talbot and Mr Sheldon Lee. This class has many practical sessions plus overnight camps in the outdoors. The full-year course includes kayaking, navigation, camping, and tramping which is a great way to fully experience our unique nature. During the summer the course focuses on kayaking and tramping.

The year-long course covers:

  • Demonstrate kayaking on grade 2 whitewater.

  • Roll a Kayak.

  • Experience day tramps.

  • Navigate in good visibility on land.

  • Demonstrate basic movement skills and use of ice axes and crampons.

  • Participate in building and camping overnight in a snow shelter.

  • Demonstrate the use of basic rope systems for top-rope climbing and abseiling.

  • Demonstrate basic rock movement.

  • Analyse the application of risk management strategies to a challenging outdoor activity.

This subject is an option that is very popular with our international students and is wonderful way to really see Aotearoa/New Zealand.