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Photo by Jane Grace

Sensory Garden Update

Wgp School —

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Nigel Clough from Tree Solutions Tree Management Service for his very generous donation towards the Sensory Garden mosaic pathway. We were able to purchase all the material needed for the pathway to ensure a more robust area for the children. In the last week of November a small group gathered to mix concrete and create the pathway. A huge thank you to Alex Hanna, Lizzie Dickie, Monika Jasikova, Sam and Lara Addis and Brooke Dickie for a very industrious and long afternoon. I would also like to thank Orewa Estuary Arts Centre for the donations of items made for the pathway as well as members in the community who sent items in. Some items were set aside for another project to be included in the Sensory Garden at a later date. It is lovely to see the children using the pathway to hop or skip on the pavers, to pause and count the colourful tiles or even just sit and touch the surface of the various inserts. Slowly but surely the garden is taking shape. This has been a community effort indeed. I would like to wish everyone a very happy festive season and enjoy the glorious summer days. Take care. The school would like to thank Angela Howse for all the work she has done leading this project.