THANK YOU - from Kevin

Kevin Cronin —

This is our last school newsletter for 2020. It has been a challenging year, and on behalf of our staff I would like to thank our parent community for the tremendous contribution you have given to enable our school and students to move through the challenges and year in a positive manner.

Whether it be a class or sport trip, camp, donations, learning celebrations, community events, readathon, performing arts, PFA functions and of course Covid - we sincerely thank you for the help and support you have gifted us and your children.

We wish you safe and happy holidays with your children, and we look forward to returning with them in February all bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on 2021 !!.


We sadly farewell the following staff members and wish them all the very best in their next endeavours. We thank them wholeheartedly for their valued contribution to our school in so many differing ways - Gordie Palmer, Logan Geeves, Hamish Ross, Emma Sharman

We wish Moriah Ireland all the best for 2021, as she looks forward to the special joys of bringing a little one into the world.


We would like to farewell our Year 6 families, especially those who have been with us since year 1 and have no more siblings attending our school. Thanks for your loyalty and support over the years.

We hope our year 6 students will flourish as they move on to the intermediate years. We hope they look back at their times at Whangaparaoa School with a sense of achievement, pride and happiness. They are always welcome back to “their primary school”.

Finally, to our students and families who are moving out of the area, we wish you all the best as you settle into your new environments. We know you will miss the marvellous “coast” and we will miss you too !


I have often said you have the best job in the world when you are around our young children every day. I believe this, and I also believe it is one of the toughest jobs.

Thank you very much for the commitment and courage you have offered our school this year, particularly through Covid. The vast array of needs and demands you plan for every day is huge. I just wanted to say how much it is appreciated. As a school community we are lucky to have such fantastic staff. I hope all our children and all our parents are grateful for your efforts - I certainly am.


You are the special people who we work so hard for. We see the sparkle in your eyes and your many talents - you give us the greatest motivation to come to work every day. Thank you for the cheerful hellos, the laughs, the challenges and the opportunity to work with you each day as you grow. Have happy holidays, with lots of fun and family time. We look forward to seeing you early February. 

Take care. Kevin