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Photo by Karen Adams


Kevin Cronin —

TOMORROW, Friday, December 11 our students are welcome to add a bit of Xmas to their uniform. They must still wear uniform but they can wear a santa hat, tinsel, elf ears or other Xmas extras.

Bookbags - Next year we ask that every child (Year 0 to 6) have a book bag that protects the books we give children to take home. Bags that protect books from water, food and creasing are preferable. You can buy a school bookbag at the office for $5.50

Year 6 Graduation - Our wonderful Year 6 team are organising a graduation. This will be on Monday evening, December 14. 

Classroom furniture moving day will be happening throughout the day on Tuesday 15 December,  parent help welcome.

The last day of school this year is Wednesday, December 16. There will be visits to 2021 classes at 9.30am. At about 11am we will be gathering behind Tindalls, between M and A block to have a school assembly. At the assembly we will be farewelling students and staff, as well as singing a few Christmas songs. The final Year 6 walk through the school will happen at the end of this, just before 12. 

Parents are welcome to join us at this assembly.

School closes at 12.00pm.

Thanks everyone, let’s have a great week and end to our school year. Kevin