25 May 2023

Rippa tournament day

We got on the bus all nervous but excited.
    by Jane Grace

Rippa tournament day

We sat down and nobody could hear themselves because everybody was talking and screaming ALOT. We got to the Silverdale Rugby Club and lined up outside the bus to walk through the tunnel out to the fields. When we got through the tunnel we saw teams and schools getting ready for the first game. Everybody walked to the Whangaparāoa tent to put their bags down to have a behaviour talk. Once the talk was over we got into our teams to get ready for the game.

The siren went off and the game had started!!

The ref blew his whistle…I passed to my teammate who ran for the try line. We scored our first try and we were so happy and excited. We finished our first game!!! Everyone played really well and had lots of fun! “1 down 3 to go…”

We finished all 4 games!!!! Everybody looked like they had a fantastic day but everyone was really tired.

A HUGE thankyou to Mrs Maurice and Miss Trist and all of the parent helpers for putting this awesome day together.

By Carys Angove (B8)