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Readathon - Our school Readathon finishes next Friday, November 13 with a dress up as a book character day.

Kevin Cronin —

This is a real highlight for the children and they have a parade where all the children walk around and we all try to guess their characters.

Collecting Money

The children have all worked so hard with their reading to try and help out with the hall. We need all money collected over the weekend of November 14 and 15 and brought to school in the next week. The money is taken to the classroom. The teachers have a class list and they will collect the money in a bigger bag first thing in the morning and send it to the office. If you want to deliver the money as parents, you can bring the money to the office where personnel will receive and record it.


If you did not have the opportunity to participate in the Readathon we encourage every family, their friends, neighbours, cousins and grandparents to help out. Our hall is two thirds owned by the community, and it is our school community that uses it most. If we want a hall with well presented spaces and clean toilets for the children, then we all need to contribute. The ministry and BOT have contributed what they can, it is now up to us to all chip in and help achieve a better hall. If you have been into the hall toilets, you will understand the need - the leaks and mould are disgusting and not acceptable.